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Trimming Beets

Published 1942 circa

Title: "We Can Beet Hitler Like This"
Poster with comic sketch of Hitler is pelted with pink paint or biomas.
Title: "But We Can Do More to Defeat Hitler and the Axis by Using Beets as Food."
Hands stack cardboard boxes marked: "V2s, Libby McNeill & Libby, Chicago ILL, Packed"
Hands rotate box to display printed ends stating: "6/10 Cans Cut Beets..."
Male worker places boxes on rolling belt.
Title: "Food Is a Munition of War"
Title: "And Quality in Food Is Just as Essential As Quality in Other Munitions"
Title: "Our Fighting Men Are Supplied with Guns, Tanks, and Planes of the Highest Quality"
Foxhole POV of men hiding and observing blasts
Title: "Likewise It Is Your Individual Responsibility to Provide Food of the Highest Quality"
Title: "Here Is a Comparison of Good Quality and Poor Quality Work as Determined by the Laboratory Grader."
Two men in white shirts face one another across a testing table with three enamel trays.
One man (on the right) takes a can of beets and pours the contents onto the enamel tray in front of him..
Then empties the second tray.
Using two spoons, he lifts individual beet slices off the two trays and onto the third tray. Then labels them with a sign "Low Grade".
Another bunch labeled with a tag: "Okay."
Title: "Workers On the Home Front Are Also Entitled to Food of High Quality"
Title: "The American Housewife Can Depend on the Libby Label As a Guarantee of High Quality"
POV of Grocery store exterior, people going in.
Grocery store interior with customers making purchased across a n old-fashioned checkerboard counter.
Woman enters store and is greeted by male stock clerk.
Woman peruses pyramid of cans of beets.
Stock clerk helps woman by selecting can after can of vegetables.
Title: "To Maintain This High Quality in Beets, The Trimming Must Be Done Correctly."
Woman agricultural worker in hair cap shown trimming beets.
Title " There ARe Two Ways of Doing any Kind of Work."
1. The Hard Way.
"2. The Easiest Way."
"The Proper Method Is the Easiest Way"
"Strangely, the Usual Way of Doing a Job Is Often the Hard Way"
Woman worker trims beets.
Title: "Note the Left Hand Does Much Traveling While th eRight Hand Is Idle"
Woman worker moves arms over a diagram showing motion-saving gesture of beet-trimming.
Diagram is triangle with three points labeled , respectively: "Grasp," "Away," and "Trim."
Woman worker trims beets using the new system.
Title: "The Proper and Easiest Method Divides the Work Equally Between Both Hands."
Woman worker moves arms over diagram showing improved motion-saving gesture of beet trimming.
"If the same motion pattern would be used in swimming as in trimming, you might have this result":
Woman shown swimming, floundering,
Title: "Whereas Two Handed Motion will Give You Ease and Speed."
Woman shown swimming smoothly.
Title: "So Let Us Trim As We Swim"
Title: "A Curved, Shaving Type Trimming Motion Is Not Only Easier, But Saves More of the Beet for Our Much Needed Food Supply."
Woman worker trims beets.
Title: "Square Type Trimming Is Harder and Wasteful"
"And Requires 10% more Beets to Fill Your Hopper.
woman worker trims beets.
Title: "We Are Trimming Beets for Food and Not Making Toy Blocks to Play With"
woman Worker Trims beets.
Title: "Preventing Accidents on Our Production Front Will Help Round Up the Axis on the Battle Front"
Battlefront news footage: Troops being carried in trucks. Troops being mobilized to and fron the field. Commanding officers talk.
Titles instruct specifics of beet cutting strategies.
Title: "In Tennis You Do Not Use a Knife, But you Get Two Cuts at the Ball in Serving"
Man and woman play tennis on a groomed tennis court.
Titles instructon technical specifics of beet cutting strategies.
Baseball played at a diamond.
Title: "Remember: The Libby Label Is Used only on Food Products of the Highest Quality."

Pyramid of cans and jars of Libby's peas and beets is posed with a waving American flag propped in its center.
POV of American flag waving on pole.

Producer Libby Foods
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Spuzz - - February 8, 2014
Subject: Beets me.
This highly bizarre film, about the right way and wrong way of trimming beets, seems to be made for.. yes, beet trimmers. I mean, what is the number of people who would see this film? We're doing this for the war! (cue hitting a picture of hitler with beets), so trim wisely, not in a cube! Use this diagram! It's all too bizarre why such a film exists.
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